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Let there be light.

Whatever camera you use, to achieve the best image, light has to your first thought. This can be simply using daylight in a effective way or using a full lighting rig to create the desired look.

Since I started making films over 10 years ago, lighting was always the biggest logistical issue when it came to planning. The size, weight and heat of tungsten lights had to be thought about. But over the last several years LED's have become the new norm. These are lightweight, low energy and best of all LOW HEAT. (no more interviewee's sweating over the intense heat of a 1K tungsten)

Like all aspects of film and photography production, we are constantly in a flux of evolution, as new gear breeds new techniques. We are delighted we can now use a range of Aputure lights from the Mini20s to the 120D. We can't recommend these lights enough in their use and versatility.

What is next on the horizon for us is the Westcott RGBW panels.

We can't wait to get our hands on these. No more extensive rigging and gels. Simple attached to pretty much anything and set the colour and then shoot. So not only does this cut down gear but also time meaning we can be even more cost effective with our productions.

This time it's good to walk towards to the (RGBW) light.

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