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Why we got the BMPCC4K

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

So after months of finally arrived.


Luckily while we waited for the delivery, we invested in the smallrig BMCCP4K rig and a speedbooster for our EF lenses so we were ready as soon as it arrived.

I have only been shooting with this camera for a few days but so far blown away with the images I have managed to capture. We are currently writing a short film which will be shot on the BMPCC4k and this will be the real test when in a professional environment.

Our whippet Winona kindly helped us by modelling for the camera the day it arrived:

The reason we invested in the camera, firstly was the image quality but also as a B-Cam to our Ursa's when we are shooting interviews and multi-camera projects. With the announcement that Blackmagic Raw is on the horizon the value of this camera to us is only going to rise. It already handles low light better than our Mini and will be perfect for run and gun projects where we are unable to set up lighting.

Here are just some thoughts.


Image, just beautiful

Fits gimbals such as the Ronin S

Light and perfect for run and gun projects as well as a B-Cam

Pro sound inputs

SSD and CFfast


Battery life, although we have lots of these from our photography equipment. Not much different to the 5D days of filming.

The rubber caps on the side are very awkward.

How to project the fan vents in rainy conditions?

We will be back to share more thoughts on the camera once we have had more use with it in professional conditions but so far we are delighted to have this camera in our kit.


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