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We have our newest showreel up and I thought I would share some thoughts behind it.

Of-course a showreel should reflect your best work but it can be also more than this. I wanted to reflect the emotion we as a production house can achieve. If you can generate an emotion in the audience you have achieved a major feat.

Hence the pun in the title, we want a real emotion/feeling in all our work and so our reel should reflect this.

Vision and sound are integral to emote, we wanted to avoid using a soundtrack (as such) and let the sound effects add to the story rather than manipulating it. Over the years we have worked with various media from 8mm, Super 16mm, VHS, 4K and now beyond. Each of these media has it's place and this reel using various of these to reflect our ethos of using what best gets the message across.

If the audience feel it then they engage with it.


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